Thesauros, Inc. ®, an affiliate of Bellevue Capital Ventures, Inc., is a privately-held business formed in 2000 in Newport, RI, and focused on the acquisition and development of suites of domain names for sectors in which we have special interest:

annuities arbitrate & mediate bullion currency
currency trusts diamonds dollar etfs
finance gold health international trusts
oil & gas palladium platinum polls
safe money silver state trusts treasuries
trustees trusts

We do not speculate in domain names.

Rather, we have acquired intuitive domain names to drive internet traffic to our clients through a compelling message to their targeted audience. By investing early and selecting carefully, we now control 6,700 premium domains.

Click here to see a sampling of domains in our Thesauros portfolio.

Since we have the domain inventory that we require, why does a private company need an online presence?

Because with so much digital misinformation, we have concluded that unmanaged privacy is no longer an option. So, we have chosen to reveal selected sectors of interest to us. Should you control any domains within our targeted areas which are not essential to your business plans, we are open to exploring mutually attractive transactions.